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New glass recycling centre opens up in borough

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New Cardington Community Centre has become the latest location to receive glass recycling facilities.


Mayor of Bedford Borough, Dave Hodgson, said: “We are committed to continuing to improve waste and recycling services in the Borough.


“We hope this new site will make glass recycling more convenient for residents moving to this area, which will in turn help to increase the councils’ recycling rate and reduce the amount of glass needlessly going to landfill.”


The Council currently operates a network of over 60 sites across the Borough where residents can recycle a number of materials including glass.


Last year residents recycled over 2,150 tonnes of glass, and it is hoped that this figure will continue to increase as more and more residents make use of these facilities.


Glass is perfect for recycling, it can be recycled back into new bottles and jars, used for road surfacing or in construction products such as bricks and concrete blocks. Recycling glass can also save energy, recycling two bottles saves enough energy to boil water for five cups of tea, or to run a Nintendo Wii for 10 hours.

Source: www.bedfordshire-news.co.ukAuthor: shangyi

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