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Planitherm Glass helps householders to find solutions to solar panel subsidy cuts

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Financial incentives for householders to produce their own electricity are due to be cut by the government from 43p for each kilowatt-hour to 21p - this is for anyone who had solar panels installed after 12 December 2011 I.

An innovative new glass that can help shave 28% off energy bills is giving fresh hope to those households affected by the government's decision to slash the subsidy available for solar power.

In addition to halving financial incentives, the government has stated it will now be compulsory for a home that wants to install solar panels and benefit from the subsidy to hold an Energy Performance Certificate* of at least level C**. The new ruling means a home that has an energy band rating of between G - D would need to put other energy saving solutions in place before it reaches level C and is eligible for solar panel incentives.

Craig Dodsworth of Saint-Gobain Glass comments: "Tariffs paid to homes for electricity generated by solar panels have been halved for those installing them after 12 December and solar firms could see huge reductions in work as householders becoming disillusioned with the scheme. Through installing new windows with Planitherm, people can achieve an environmentally friendly, energy efficient alternative and reduce their energy bills. With 26% of energy loss in the home being through the windows, installing Planitherm glass will help less efficient homes move towards the C rating required for the solar panel subsidy.

"Our secret is simply an invisible coating applied to the glass itself, which can capture free heat from the sun and reflect heat already inside back into a room, rather than allowing it to escape out of the windows. With Planitherm, households can realise up to 28% savings on energy bills and it is a peace of mind investment, which is attractive to householders, especially in these austere and uncertain times."

The next generation energy saving glass can be fitted in any double or triple glazed window. Costing around the same as normal window glass, it provides the easiest route possible to an A rated window(II). In fact, energy efficient windows with Planitherm glass in them can reduce heat loss by 50% compared to traditional windows and frames.

PLANITHERM can generate savings of up to 28% on household energy bills - the equivalent of up to £478 per home per year when homeowners upgrade from single glazed windows to double glazed windows with PLANITHERM glass in them. The glass can also be used in doors, facades, conservatories (with solar control glass) and is available combined with a self-cleaning function.


Source: www.ecofriendnews.com Author: shangyi

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