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Building Glass Industry Needs Transition and Upgrade

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(China Glass Network)The chairman of CSG ZENG Nan said that the homogeneity phenomenon in building glass industry was serious, as well as excess capacity. Now most of enterprises producing flat glass began to stop production. Because excess capacity and weak market demand make it hard for small energy-intensive enterprises to survive. At present, it is essential for building glass industry to upgrade and transform.


ZENG Nan thought that the “Differential Road” was the final way for enterprises under the conditions of excess capacity.


It was reported that China glass curtain wall has a history of 30 years. The output of glass curtain wall was 90 million square meters in 2010, accounting for more than 80% of total output in the world.


At present, the ordinary tempered glass is used mostly in the building glass curtain wall. In the future, ultra-white glass and other high-tech glass will have greater market.


Ultra-white glass was extensively used in the PV industry for high light transmittance. But in recent years, the self-explosion of common tempered glass caused many insiders’ extensive concern. Ultra-white glass also was widely used for safety and beauty in building glass curtain wall.


According to relevant data, the application of ultra-white glass expand was gradually enlarged in the past two years. It was roughly estimated that the application of ultra-thin glass in building curtain wall was less 10%. With the improvement of people’s life, the market prospect of ultra-thin glass is promising.


The deputy secretary-general of China Building Glass and Industry Glass Association ZHOU Zhiwu said that it need technology upgrade and new products development under the current excess capacity.

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