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The First China Glass Museum are Collecting Cultural Relics

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(China Glass Network) At present, the first China glass museum are collecting cultural relics, located in Haigang District, Qinghuangdao City. And it is predicted that the museum will open to the public in this summer.


China and Belgium jointly invested Qinhuangdao Yaohua Glass Co., Ltd in 1923, which was the first large China glass manufacturing enterprise. And it opened the development door of China glass industry, making the Qinhuangdao “ the Cradle of China Glass Industry”.


Yaohua Glass moved out in 2001. In order to record this history and protect the urban context, Qinhuangdao municipal party committee and government decided to keep some historical buildings of Yaohua Glass, built the first China glass museum on the site.


It’s introduced that the museum will be consisted of exhibition hall, temporary exhibition area, entertainment services and auxiliary facilities area. It is a social commonwealth museum integrated of collection, research, education and display.


The main content of the exhibition are divided into four parts: ancient glass and development, China glass industry cradle, China modern glass industry, bright magical glass world respectively. Visitors not only see the glass in different ages and various modern glass, but also can learn about manufacturing technology of ancient glass and development of China glass industry, enjoy the performance of traditional glass technology.


The capital construction projects of glass museum were completed in May 2009. Now the visitors service area has been completed. The museum has collected more than 600 pieces of glass cultural relics and production equipments. And glass artists from Taiwan Tittot, Glass Workshop, Shanghai University and Tsinghua university agreed to do glass show. In addition, above 20 domestic glass enterprises expressed their willing to participate in the museum exhibition.

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