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Recycled glass used as mulch in Cumberland County

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Glass mulch and glass road salt are two creations the Cumberland County Recycling Center hopes to make money off of.


After the county closed its landfill, the recycling center purchased a glass recycling machine.


"Glass is one of the heaviest materials in our waste," Cumberland County Director of Solid Waste, Tom Breeden said.  "By running about 12 tons of glass through the machine, we only end up with about 636 pounds of waste."


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This machine recycles glass and turns it into two different sizes.


The system creates two different products.  First, small glass is being mixed with road salt to treat icy roads.


"It offers about $75 dollars of savings [per ton of salt] and it assists our road department in covering more road in the county," Cumberland County Mayor Kenneth Carey Jr. explained.


Then, there is a larger size of glass that is being used as mulch.  Carey said the center will sell the glass mulch to the public in the future.


"The glass is not going to lose its color.  So, once you put it there, it's there until you want to remove it," the mayor added.


According to Northern Illinois University, America throws away more than 13 million tons of glass each year.

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