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New markets for glass

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Nuova Ompi – Stevanato Group, an Italian producer of glass containers for the pharmaceutical industry, is on a mission to expand and consolidate its product range, as well as its geographical reach. Originally known as Soffieria Stella – Star Converting – Nuova Ompi started as a glass converter company for the beverage sector.


In 1959, Soffieria Stella moved to Piombino Dese close to the nearby town of Padua as its requirements for more space grew. Here it further developed its capabilities as a supplier to the pharma industry with the start of pen cartridge production for administering insulin and anaesthetics. It became Nuova Ompi in 1970, literally new Ompi, and focussed on making exclusively glass containers for the pharma and cosmetics industry. Shortly afterwards it built its machinery plant, Spami, with an engineering remit, which has now become a world leader in the construction of machinery that converts glass tubes into vials in primary packaging.


The decision to build its own engineering branch reduced its reliance on buying machines from its German competitors and meant that it could develop the plant as an independent business unit capable of both supplying the company’s needs, as well as generating income through sales to outside companies. The company is well recognised as a leader in converting technology as its major competitors buy Spami machines.


There is also the matter of R&D and the engineering unit has put Nuova Ompi in a stronger competitive position where it can respond independently and flexibly to changing market demands. The goal is have own technology and own patents to become much stronger in the worldwide market.


The next decisive step in the history of the Stevanato Group came with the purchase of Alfamatic, an ampoule producer near Rome and a former competitor of the company. Nuova Ompi was impressed by Alfamatic’s technical skills and customer portfolio and added cartridges production there.


The next stop on the acquisitions trail was Bratislava in Slovakia. Stevanato Group bought a company named Medical Glass which had already adopted Spami technology, had a very good quality approach and was in a geographical area that is still growing very fast, Eastern Europe. This allowed Nuova Ompi to be present in certain mass market production segments that in Italy have started to become quite expensive. Medical Glass produces high quality glass vials and ampoules for pharmaceutical use.


The most recent phase in Nuova Ompi’s expansion has not come about through acquisition but through a new built project designed to boost its presence in the Americas region. Located in Monterrey, Mexico and funded by an investment of over € 26m, the main aim is the production of vials, cartridges and ampoules to better supply its customers in the region. Selling products in the US and South America without patents or special customisation is always challenging but Stevanato Group wants to partner with the pharma industry globally and provide full service thus increasing its customer level of service.


The Monterrey plant completes the current cycle of growth within the glass division of the Stevanato Group even when the Group is planning to move to Far East soon. Another added value of the Group is the Engineering branch, Spami, that acquired the company specialised in producing inspection machines for the pharma industry creating the branch Optrel inspection system. This strategic purchase creates synergy with its current engineering operations, which it can use to its advantage to become a much stronger player in the pharma market.


The various branches that make up the company have retained their original brand names and a certain degree of independence. The original company, Nuova Ompi, is still the biggest company in its operations. The group has recorded a steady growth over the last decade and 87 per cent of production is exported outside Italy and in the next year key markets will be India and China where a new plant is planned to be set up. It counts big names like Amgen, Astra Zeneca, Eli Lilly, GSK, Novartis, Nycomed, Teva, Pfizer, Sanofi-Aventis among its customers.


Innovative production

Five years ago, Nuova Ompi – Stevanato Group began the production of syringes already washed, siliconised and sterile, which was traditionally done by the customer and has now been transferred to the producer. For the first time, EZ-fill, ready to use glass containers, focusing on high quality and innovative solutions and the need of outsourcing manufacturing process plus the need for flexibility in pharma companies was launched. EZ-fill vials and cartridges look like an extension of the EZ-fill range and will provide pharma companies with a clean, sterile, non-pyrogenic glass container, ready to be filled in a nest and tub configuration.

Source: www.expresspharmaonline.comAuthor: shangyi

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