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Solar Cells Made from Grass Clippings

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MIT researcher Andreas Mershin has invented a method for creating solar cells for solar panels from the


Right now, the amount of electricity generated by his ‘electric nanoforest’ is very small and needs to be increased tenfold to become a useful form of solar power. However, he hopes other researchers will take his new plant-based technology and improve it, so eventually people will be able to use their grass clippings, dead leaves or other plant waste and place it in a plastic bag containing the right chemicals in order to create the material for making cheap solar panels. Clearly this invention would probably have its best application in areas that are off the grid, and developing nations where large solar power installations could remain too expensive to install for some years.


A similar technology is the solar oven, which helps low-income people cook food without having to be exposed to harmful smoke and risk injury from fires.


The number of people without access to electricity is enormous. In 2009 that total was estimated to be 1.3 billion, by the



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