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Analysis of the Market Prospect of Fire-proof Glass

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Fire-Proof Glass is a new type of glass used as building materials, it’s mainly used for progressing of fire-proof door, fire bulkhead, Fire partition ,etc. Fire-Proof Glass can be divided into four grades by fire resistance ,including half an hour, 45minutes,an hour and one hour and a half. The glass can be also divided into two types of single and composite insulation. The market size for fire-proof glass in China is only about one million square meters in 2010, which is rather small compared with developed countries. There are tremendous potential for development of fire-proof glass.

Single Fire-Proof Glass has excellent light transmission performance and fire-retardant performance. It uses physical methods and special techniques and also has unique characteristics of high thermal nature, low weight, high light transmission and no bubble. This kind of glass is fire-retardant even in the temperature of more than 1000C. Single fire-proof glass has not only excellent fire- retardant performance but also prominent high hardness. This glass has roughly 6 to 12 times as much resistance to anti-shocking as same thickness of ordinary glass and roughly 2 to 3 times as much resistance to anti-shocking as same thickness of tempered glass. But one thing deserve to be mentioned is that this kind of glass doesn’t have function of thermal insulating and heat insulation.


Composite Fire-resistant glass are applicable to all types of Fire-resistant doors,Fire-resistant windows,Fire-resistant obstruct and many sites which need  to have lighting and Fire-resistant requirements in a variety of buildings. This kind of glass can keep integrity of the whole glass and form a Effective barrier for fire, smoke ,poison gas and so on during the fire, which can provide precious time and space for rescue and escape.

In addition, frame of the glass is rather important. The fire-proof frame can avoid soften and deformation during the fire, helps the fire-proof to achieve maximum effect.

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