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Blue for paper and glass, green for general waste

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Villas and other low-rise buildings in Sharjah will be a lot cleaner and greener as the emirate rolled out residential recycling on Monday, as part of the UAE National Environment Day.


The shift from the current waste collection system to the dual-system recycling process means residents will be tossing all recyclables like paper, cardboard, glass, plastics and aluminum into a blue bin while the other general waste will be  thrown into a green bin. A programme for high-rise buildings in the emirate will be implemented at a later stage and the entire emirate of Sharjah is expected to be sending less waste to the landfill and increase their recyclable levels.


The recycling programme is a joint undertaking by Sharjah Municipality and Bee’ah, the Middle East’s leading integrated and award-winning environmental and waste management company and the first to bring residential recycling to the UAE.


Salim Al Owais, chairman of Bee’ah, said the residential recycling programme will drastically reduce the 600,000 tonnes of waste generated by Sharjah housesholds of which only a small percentage has been recovered for recycling. “Currently, more than 40 per cent of this programme has been reached, and an increase of five to 10 per cent has been attained,” he said. “In this way, valuable recyclables can be collected and sent for recycling or turned into other uses,” Owais added.


Khaled Al Huraimel, Chief Executive Officer of Bee’ah, said that this is the first programme of its kind on a large-scale outreach in the Middle East, and will see the introduction of dual-coloured bins in order to encourage waste segregation and empower residents of Sharjah to recycle at home. He said that a media blitz has been started to put in place an information and education campaign among the residents. “Bee’ah’s residential recycling programme commenced on Monday and will be taken forward in planned phases, serving sector by sector. If all goes as planned, we could see 75 per cent of the residents benefiting from it as early as July this year.


The first sector to receive the new system is Sector 5 in the Al Shahba sub sector, due to its variety of commercial and residential buildings as well as schools and mosques situated within it, and diverse with high and low income individuals.”


The programme will be implemented in sectors 4, 2, 3, 7 and 6 in that order by the end of December 2012. “Pavements along the streets of Sharjah will be re-engineered in collaboration with Sharjah City Municipality to accommodate 2,000 pairs of new blue and green bins in order to avoid any traffic disruptions. On unpaved roads, the current metal bins will be restored and painted in blue and green so as to enable the same scheme to be available all over Sharjah.”


Homeowners will be provided with a starter kit consisting of a flyer and blue and green bin liners to help make separating their waste easy.

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