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Shahe: Stop the Glaverbel Glass Production Lines before the End of September

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(China Glass Network)In accordance with the relevant state regulations, all of glaverbel glass production lines will be eliminated before the end of 2012.


As China glass city, Shahe decided to advance deadline to September. The relevant principal of Shahe Environmental Protection Bureau told the journalists that the preparations had been ready. At the appointed time, all glaverbel production lines will leave the history stage.


According to national garden city standards, Shahe revised the green space system plan, formulate all new, reconstruction and expansion projects shall be sealed “Green Stamp” by Urban Management Department in formalities, strictly implement the green line management. Simultaneously, Shahe launched the construction of “ Six Roads and Twelve Corridors” green project, 51 gardens and water system around the city. It aimed at making green and municipal indexs achieve national garden city standards.


The relevant principal of Shahe Urban Management Enforcement introduced that Shahe invested above RMB 60 million on virescence last year. The investment will reach more than one hundred million yuan this year. At present, they have planned more than 40 green and municipal facilities construction projects, with total investment of above RMB 600 million.

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