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Energing-saving Window Brings Industrial Technology Revolution

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(China Glass Network) Jiangsu Top Composite Technology Co., Ltd. cooperated with Bayer Materials Science to launch GRPU(glassfiber reinforced polyurethane) Energy-saving Windows. It is first to apply polyurethane on window frame in China. Its astonishing heat preservation effect will bring a technology revolution in door & window manufacturing and construction industry .


GRPU Energy-saving Window uses pultrusion window frame and glassfiber reinforced. And the window’s matrix is the unique polyurethane resin developed by Bayer Materials Science. The window frame is produced in the impregnation injection pultrusion technology, with low thermal conductivity which is only 1/700 that of aluminum alloy. It is excellent insulation material that has obvious heat insulation and energy-saving effect especially in cold or hot area, as well as area with temperature difference between day and night.


GRPU linear coefficient of thermal expansion is similar with wall. So gap between the window and wall will not appear for GRPU’s good seal performance when temperature variation. GRPU window frame’s tensile and flexural strength are 2-3 times that of aluminum alloy, more than ten times that of PVC. And bending modulus of GRPU window frame is 2-4 times that of conventional glass fiber reinforced plastic. So there is no need to add steel reinforcement for GRPU window. And it reduces assembling process, with  innate superior heat insulation performance.


Except good strength and energy-saving effect, GRPU window is environmental. Because the polyurethane resin doesn’t contain volatile organic compounds.


Compared with aluminum window frame, raw materials used in producing GRPU window frame save nearly half energy. It is classic energy saving and environmental protection window.

Source: glassinchinaAuthor: shangyi

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