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Hundreds of Solar Photovoltaic Factories Plan to Restart in China

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(China Glass Network) Products in solar photovoltaic industrial chain started to raise prices since the end of 2011. It was said that above 100 factories were brewing restart recently. But industry insiders said that although urgent orders appeared in January and February, the overall market was still uncertain.


As solar silicon, cell and module were affected by urgent orders, many manufacturers returned to produce and increase utilization of capacity. Meanwhile, silicon and battery slightly rose in price, solar energy industry no longer was in downturn.


Solar photovoltaic manufacturers stopped the production for cost and orders in the past. Boom started rising slightly, but the amplitude of increase in price was limited. Manufacturers are likely to face business loss after resuming production. Moreover, solar energy industry is still uncertain now. If manufacturers return to produce in large amount, supply is easy to exceed demand.


In fact, Chinese supply chain of solar photovoltaic is accounting for more than half of that in the world. As dominant players in price, Chinese suppliers are good at price reduction strategy. Once the situation of supply exceeding demand resurfaces, bargain storm will repeat.


Facing uncertainty, the upstream solar polycrystalline silicon factories pointed out that restart needs adjustment of at least 1-2 months for complex process.

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