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Corning and Samsung team up to bring us Lotus Glass

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A new venture has just been announced between glass expert, Corning and, Korean giant, Samsung, to bring us a new glass substrate technology, dubbed ´Lotus´.

The new glass will form a high-quality substrate for OLED panels, with enhanced dimensional stability even when exposed to the high temperatures required for OLED production. The aim is to provide a thin surface with fewer irregularities, that remains consistent over a wider range of temperatures, which in turn will enable the creation of OLED displays with superior densities, response times and power consumption.

The technology is already in production and Samsung´s part of the arrangement is to ensure it´s manufactured in the large volumes required for entry into the mobile device market. To be clear, this is not a replacement for the recently announced Gorilla Glass 2.0 as the glass substrate has a different molecular make-up and whilst resistant to heat, likely isn´t quite so resistant to scratches.

With any luck we´ll soon be seeing even denser OLED screens from Samsung in the near future.


Source: Corning Incorporated/hexus.netAuthor: shangyi

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