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New Nano Microcrystalline Glass Composite Pipe Appeared

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(China Glass Network) Science and Technology Department of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region released that Inner Mongolia University of Science and Technology has used Bayan Obo tailings, steel slag, iron slag, coal ash and other solid waste to develop and produce nano microcrystalline glass composite pipe of 500tons, which possess the performance of glass-ceramic and metal. It hasn’t reported this kind of material at home and abroad.


Baiyan Obo ore contains various mental, including rare earth. Baogang Group produces tailings of 7 million tons annually, as well as slag and scum of above 400 tons, which contain a certain amount of rare earth, niobium, iron and other metal elements.


As a professor from Inner Mongolia University of Science and Technology, LI Baowei led a research group to form metal comprehensive utilization lab of Inner Mongolia baiyun obo ore from 2004, which researched tailings, coal ash and other solid waste to prepare for high performance microcrystalline glass. The study found that iron, niobium, rare earth and fluorite can be compound nucleation agent, which are in the tailings, steel slag and iron slag. And they had a complementary relationship with silicon, calcium and aluminum in coal ash. Above all met the based components of microlite glass.


The research group took melting- centrifugal casting method to produce microcrystalline glass from 2009. Moreover, it did research on technology of crystallite glass nano grain to design formula and carry out experiments. Now it has developed sets of equipments for producing crystallite glass pipe, formed technology of crystallite glass pipe, built a production line of microcrystalline glass pipe with capacity of 3000 kg daily.


Passing detection of National Building Testing Center, the microcrystalline glass pipe has bending strength of 192 Mpa (metal performance), acid resistance of above 99%, alkali resistance of more than 97%, Mohs strength of level 9 (close to the diamond's strength), wear resistance of less than 0.04 grams every square centimeters, volume density of 3.2 grams per cubic centimeter.

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