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Tempered Glass: Preference for Bathroom

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(China Glass Network) Glass shower room on the market now are mainly common glass and tempered glass . Common glass is easy to burst with high temperature. Tempered glass performs rather better in security than common glass and there is no edge of fragment, which is relatively safer for users.


Bathroom produced by semi-tempered glass and hot bending glass may burst when exposed to hot or cold water, the sharp fragment is rather dangerous. Full tempered glass is 3-5 times than common glass in tensile degrees and impact resistance, there will be fine grained chippings with sharp edges even it broke, which will greatly reduce damage to human body.


How to identify authenticity of toughened glass


Two ways to distinguish toughened glass. Firstly, to check if there is authentication marks of 3 C; Secondly, be sure to check the certificate of quality and guarantee.


In addition, we can tap the glass to indentify. Tempered sounds clear while common glass sounds toneless when tapping.


Frosting glass of 6-8 mm is the best choice for showerroom.

Source: glassinchinaAuthor: shangyi

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