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Worrisome Selective Examination Results of Laminated Glass in Shanghai

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(China Glass Network) Shanghai Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision has published selective examination results of hollow glass,8 batches of the 57batches selective examination products are unqualified.


Laminated Glass and Hollow Glass are 3C products and 62 enterprises of Shanghai have got effective certification by the end of 2011. 50 enterprises has been selected to exam this time while the left 12 enterprises has stopped production.


Unqualified heat resistant index is the main cause of quality problems of bubbles and degumming, which reduces the safety performance of laminated glass. Rise of dew point is another problem of the examination, which will reduce thermal insulating properties of hollow glass and cause condensation and frost inside the glass. Any problem of the two items is serious quality problem and the products will not be allowed to launch.

Source: glassinchinaAuthor: shangyi

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