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Market Analysis: Good Export Situation of Soda

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(China Glass Network) Although the international financial crisis reduced the demand for soda across the world, Chinese export situation of soda is better. According to the statistics from Soda industry Association, China exported soda of 2.13 million tons in 2008, an increase of 24.71% year-on-year. And average export price was $267.68 per ton, an growth of 53.46% year-on-year. On April.1, 2009, tax rebate rate of exported soda was increased to 9%, which was beneficial to export soda.


The domestic demand for soda was so strong from 2010 that soda export reduced.


Asia and other emerging regions are the largest net import area of soda. Because America and Western Europe production enterprises are far away from Asia and other major consumer markets, the transported prices are increased with the growth of energy price. So the exported price from America or Europe to Asia is increased. In addition, Japan, South Korea and other countries also gradually exited the soda production field. China has advantage on geographic location. The export situation of soda will be good in the future.

Source: glassinchinaAuthor: shangyi

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