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Increase in Fracking Causes Industry Worry

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A recent boom in fracking, a practice which uses the same type of sand that's used to make glass, has impacted the glass industry's sand supply, according to industry sources.


In fracking, fluid and silica sand is injected into bedrock to liberate the natural gas in it, which is then pumped up to the surface.

"There's tremendous amount of this activity going on. … There's recognition that natural gas is in demand, and this new technology became prevalent the same time the demand started. It has been put into practice the last 2 to 3 years," says Todd Huffman, vice president of operations at Pilkington Building Products North America in Toledo, Ohio. As a result, the price of sand has gone up during that time, he says.


Some glass professionals say they hope the situation will reverse soon.


"Though there is a boom in the fracking business, this business is usually cyclical and it will slow down," says Pat Watson, president of Cardinal Corp.'s float glass division in Portage, Wis. "So the hope is the pricing in the glass business will not see the upward pressure the well fracking business will see."


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