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PVB Laminated Glass Became the First Choice as Green Building Material

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(China Glass Network) Laminated glass is so hard to be cut from one side for strong tensile strength and extend rate of special film. And silent glass cutters don’t work. Even though thieves break glass, the middle layer will remain completed. Because the middle layer and glass has integrated into one whole.


Therefore, the thieves can’t use power tools or gas cutting torch to destroy laminated glass, which provides good security guarantees against burglary through broken window. The laminated glass has a strong resistance to impact, many tools can’t break it, including hammer, fire axe, wood axe, etc.


Experts point out that PVB laminated glass products will be increased gradually in China. The glass also has good function of energy conservation and environmental protection. When the clear laminated glass is in the sunlight, middle film can absorb most of heat and allow few heat come into house. And heat conduction isn’t easy between indoor and outdoor, reducing heat energy consumption and keeping indoor temperature. It will reduce energy consumption of air conditioning, too.


In addition, color film can isolate ultraviolet ray of more than 99%, reducing fade degree of indoor fabric. In the isolation of ultraviolet ray, laminated glass don’t stop visible light coming into the room. In brief, PVB laminated glass has become the first choice as green building material.

Source: glassinchinaAuthor: shangyi

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