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Lock & Lock Lunches “Glass” Heat-resist Tableware

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(China Glass Network) Kitchen glassware on the market are mainly divided into three kinds of ordinary glass, tempered glass and heat resistant glass. Ordinary glass is easy to broke, tempered glass usually broke when come to abrupt change of temperature and it’s mainly used as auto glass and shower room glass. Production of tempered glass tableware has already been prohibited in Japan now.


Household products specialist Lock & Lock lunches “Glass” heat-resist tableware to provide customers with a safer environment. Heat-resist glass contains boric acid that can resistant high temperature, so the glass is able to bear huge temperature difference even if be put into the microwave oven after just taken out from the refrigerating chamber. It can withstand highest temperature of 400 , which allows the product to be put into the microwave oven and roaster at any time. The beautiful glass tableware that can ensure safety at the same time is the best choice for ladies keen to cook with microwave oven and roaster.

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