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Four Aspects to Evaluate Value of Crystal Jewelry

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(China Glass Network) The evaluation criteria and true and false identification of the natural crystal’s value is related to the realization of crystal value. In hence, people always pay much more concern on it.

Four Aspects to Evaluate Crystal Jewelry

I number. Less is more. The number is fewer, the value is higher. There are more colorless crystal and cairngorm; whereas, there is less yellow crystal and purple crystal and also rutilated quartz inclusions crystal.

II clarity. If crystal ball and jewelry are purer, it is better. It is necessary to use inclusions when enjoying crystal.

III inclusions. If inclusions in crystal is more complete, figure, color and morality are more clear, it is the top grade crystal.

V craftwork.  It needs coordinate scale, good primary and secondary, vivid image, bright polishing, and no scratches.  

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