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Golden Glass’s BIPV Decreases the Cost of Solar Energy

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(China Glass Network) Guangdong Golden Glass Technologies Limited acquired BIPV Certification issued by TUV Rheinland. Golden Glass’s BIPV is a new building materials, marking Chinese BIPV products has reached the international level. The result of scientific research played a positive role in promoting environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction.


BIPV is one of solar PV modules, special laminated glass encapsulated solar silicon. PV roof of 93 square meters built by BIPV has a day capacity of 18KW and annual generation of 5000KW, saving coal of 1900 kg, reducing carbon emission of 6 tons. Therefore, BIPV made perfect combination of solar energy and modern building, which has important significance in saving conventional energy and reducing carbon emissions.


Two encapsulation materials are widely used in solar PV modules: EVA and PVB. There are only several BIPV manufacturers domestically, which all use EVA as encapsulation material. And it doesn’t conform to Chinese construction safety requirements. After forming, PVB’s glass bonding and ultraviolet resistance are better than that EVA. Moreover, PVB has better resistance to penetrating and fracture characteristic, which are in line with safety requirements of glass wall and roof.


Golden Glass’s BIPV applied low-iron fire-proof glass as substrate. It is the first domestic BIPV products integrated power generation, sound insulation, heat insulation, fire-proofing and safety protection, solving PV products applied EVA many problems for weak performance.


The product can be directly used on buildings as external structure without repeatedly building PV modules , reducing cost of applying solar energy.

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