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Advantages of PVB Laminated Glass

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(China Glass Network) Now PVB laminated glass are widely used as building material for its advantages.


High Safety


If the glass was broken accidentally, the fragments were still firmly adhered to PVB layer. It greatly reduced the damage caused by fragments. Especially the application of laminated glass on special-shaped buildings can avoids the damage caused by the accidental fall of glass.


Strong Protection


PVB laminated glass can resist repeated impact, even bullet. Its protective role can be expanded to block the blast, minimizing the damage.


Good Sound Insulation


The PVB film of laminated glass is good for insulating sound and noise. Its sound insulation performance is several times as strong as common glass, lessening the noise generated by airplanes, cars and machines to build quiet and comfortable environment. It has a great help in work, life and health.


Excellent Ultraviolet Resistance


Laminated glass can resist more than 99% harmful rays. It greatly help to protect people’s skin, indoor furnishings, goods, applications from ultraviolet irradiation.


Moreover, laminated glass has been developed to be decorative. Domestic PVB film has many kinds of colors and varieties currently. The laminated glass applied these various film is not only safe and practical, but also beautiful.


Strong Structure


After years of production and application, it showed that PVB laminated glass has become one of most outstanding glass. Besides common performance, it can maintain integrity once broken. It has become the first choice of glass material in construction, transportation, and aerospace fields.

Source: glassinchinaAuthor: shangyi

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