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Market Analysis: Good Prospects of Energy-saving Building Glass Market

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(China Glass Network)With the development of glass technology, building glass not only satisfies daylighting requirement, but also has characteristics of light adjustmet, heat insulation, art adornment and safety etc. As the requirements for glass are changing, glass technology has new breakthrough, including laminating, tempering, ion exchange and glaze decoration. Now the building glass are wider and wider applied. The demand for building glass increased rapidly, only following cement and steel among building materials.


Analysts of building materials industry thought that energy-saving building glass was one beneficiary of national building energy-saving policies. Energy-saving building glass mainly includes heat-reflective coated glass, hollow glass and low radiation (low-e) glass etc.


The heat-reflective coated glass can reflect heat radiation to satisfy some changes of seasons. It can insulate or absorb heat in different seasons, but low transmission. Hollow glass has been gradually applied in new high-grade residences for excellent heat and sound insulation. At present, its high price mostly restricts development. Low-e glass has good energy-saving effect through reducing radiation. Moreover, low-e glass not only keeps good daylighting, but also avoids light pollution phenomenon. Then the low-e glass will become the focus of development of energy-saving building glass.


“Research Report about China Building Glass Market in 2010-2013” showed that real estate was in slight downturn owing to national regulation policies. But the rigid demand of housing is still large. And during “ Twelfth Five Years Plan”, China will build affordable housing of 36 million. Most of theses new buildings will use energy-saving glass to cater for the current requirements of energy conservation and emission reduction. Energy saving building glass has tremendous market potential and good prospects.

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