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PV industry will have new High Growth

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(China Glass Network) The opening ceremony of high concentration PV industry by Suncore Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd   was held in Huainan, Anhui province, it marks the first high concentration PV system & component automatic production line has formed the production capacity basically. Analysts hold the opinion that PV industry of our country will be faced with another period of high growth and there are tremendous investment opportunities for PV grid and related equipment companies.


High efficiency of The 3rd Generation PV Technology


According to reports that, the 3rd generation PV technology owns advantages of high-efficiency conversion, less premise and short recycling cycle, which can get the most from solar energy resources and realize solar electrical energy generation with low cost. It also may become the key technology for development of sustainable development in energy and environmental protection industry.


Historic Breakthrough of Global Soda Ash Market

The global market of solar power has achieved historic breakthrough, increased generation capacity of solar power is about 28 million KW and total amount reach 69 million KW, which is equal to wind power installation of 2006.


It’s reported that new generation capacity of solar power added 11 million KW compared with 2010 and amount to total generation capacity of solar power before end of 2009.


In addition, solar power market of Japan and America keep increasing steady and emerging markets as India is in prophase stage of large-scale development.


In addition, Feed in Tarrif will help to improve (PV) power efficiency.

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