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Solutia Introduces Saflex Online Glass Strength Calculator

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Solutia Inc. today announced the availability of the new Saflex glass strength calculator that allows architects, engineers to determine optimal configurations for structural glazing.


This proprietary software, developed by Solutia in conjunction with industry glass experts, is based on the methodologies of European (EN) and international (ASTM and ISO) standards for glass characteristics and design.

"This new software is an online glass stress calculator that can be used for laminated glass designed with one-, two- , three- [or] four-side support," said Julia Schimmelpenningh, global architectural applications manager for Solutia. "The software program has a simplified user interface that allows users to select the rectangular glass dimensions and the number of edge supports, and to enter their laminate configuration." The calculator was developed to allow users to compare a variety of different interlayer technologies to determine the best laminated configuration for specific glazing applications.

The calculator features glass thicknesses per individual lite ranging from 2.5 millimetres (mm) through 25mm and lites can be combined symmetrically or asymmetrically with Saflex interlayers. The software will perform calculations and provide a PDF report via email, detailing glass stress and deflection for the requested configuration and providing the effective thickness for the single unit laminate from which the model was generated. The overall thickness and weight of the glass is also provided in the analysis.

The Saflex glass strength calculation tool is only available to registered users. Access to the program can be requested at this website.

Source: www.solutia.comAuthor: shangyi

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