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Corning launches glass innovations promotion in Shanghai

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Corning China launched a campaign in Shanghai on Wednesday to promote its glass innovations.


A video named "A Day Made of Glass," played by Corning at a gathering to introduce glass innovations, tells a story of a futuristic family as they journey through their day. As the characters work, learn and play, the uses of specialty glass extend to a classroom, hospital and home.


"Corning's advancements in sleek, flexible, touch-sensitive and damage-resistant glass materials are the solution for not just the near future, but today," said Holly Hu, corporate communications director of Corning China.


"These innovations can be extended into a few different places and applications," Hu said.


"Corning is engaged in research and seeking partnership opportunities to help make the vision in the video a reality," she added.


Glass is the essential material enabling the new world. Displays and touch surfaces of the future will require materials that are tough, yet thin and lightweight; that can enable complex electronic circuits and nano functionality; that can scale very large applications and that also have a cool and touch-friendly aesthetic, she said.


As a worldwide leader in glass substrates for thin film transistor liquid crystal displays (TFT-LCD), Corning, which entered the China market in the early 1980s, is growing with the development of China's TFT-LCD industry by establishing its commercial operations in Shanghai and Beijing.


As of today, it has invested about $3 billion in the China mainland to manufacture environmental technologies facilities, display technologies facilities, fiber optics, optical fiber cables and biotechnology.

Source: www.chinadaily.com.cnAuthor: shangyi

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