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Successful Development of the Thinnest and Uppermost Level Fiberglass in China

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(China Glass Network) A piece of fiberglass is only 1/10 thin of hair. And this kind of fiberglass of 1000 meters just weighs 4.6 grams. It can be woven into soft electronic cloth, which is widely used in notebook computers, high-end phones and other electronic products. Chongqing Municipal Government Network released news that thinnest and high-end fiberglass had already been successfully developed by scientists domestically. It broke American and Japanese technology monopoly in the related fields. And it was expected to make the cost of laptop drop by 20%.


Electronic fiberglass is extracted from gravel containing silica. As the core raw material of electronic products, electronic fiberglass is made into all kinds of basic components, widely used in mobile phones, computers, television, even the precision instruments in aerospace field.


“Thinner fiberglass, More sophisticated application field,” said relevant professional. Electronic fiberglass is more and more fine, the circuit boards is thinner and thinner. If these circuit boards are loaded into mobile phones and computers, these equipments will be more powerful.


At present, domestic fiberglass of nine microns only satisfies the requirements of ordinary TV and low-end phones. The international advanced production technology of below 5 microns fiberglass has been seized by America and Japan. This means that high-end domestic electronics products can only rely on importing, which need to be paid several times of expected cost. Even they refused to provide us with raw materials.


Since “development and industrialization of key technology of super-fine electronic fiberglass” settled Chongqing in 2007, Chinese fiberglass market began to quietly change.


“Now we can produce fiberglass of 4.1 microns,” said the project director. It broke American and Japanese monopoly of fiberglass below 5 microns from now on. Now electronic products manufacturers from Japan, South Korea and other countries have already began to purchase “Chongqing Made” fiberglass in bulk quantity. Even the hottest “Iphone ”, "Ipad " and other electronic products are the users of “Chongqing Made” fiberglass.


“ This will lay a solid foundation to cast the core competitiveness of Chongqing electronic information industry,” said the relevant principal of Chongqing Science & Technology Commission. Nowadays, the location of  Foxconn, HP and other global top 500 enterprises established strong end user market in Chongqing fiberglass industry.

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