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“Management Approach of Glass Curtain wall”by Shanghai is welcomed by Citizen

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(China Glass Network) The accident caused by burst and falling of glass curtain wall has caused attention from all works of life, the new “Management Approach of Glass Curtain wall” put into force by Shanghai claim that ,residential buildings, hospitals, schools, kindergartens, nursing home with more than two floors are prohibited to use glass curtain walls, Main body of responsibility for maintenance is also be defied in the approach.


Most of the high-rise buildings are embarrassed about capital problem, the hidden danger also worried certified properties. According to the new “Management Approach of Glass Curtain wall”, there will be a special fund set up for inspection, identification and maintenance of glass curtain walls by high-rise buildings. The payment and deposit of new buildings will be done by the units undertaking projects and the fund of existing buildings can be partially pay in five years.


There are about 4210 high-rise buildings with glass curtain walls in the city now, relevant departments will organize the experts for inspection before end of March and hotline has opened for inquiries and complaints from public, special regulation website is also set.

Source: glassinchinaAuthor: shangyi

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