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Downtrend of Sheet Glass appears Reprieve

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China Glass NetworkPrice of domestic float glass market is slightly warmer on March 1st. Price of Shahe City, North China continues to increase , Enterprises of South China exploratory raised price by 1-2 RMB per standard case while East China area keeps deadlocked operation. According to authoritative information that float glass manufacturers of the two leading glass production base will hold market symposium respectively and deliver positive messages to the market.


Market of North China

Production and marketing of the manufacturers is mainly equal in support of good shipment, the former high inventory has not been digested. Price of several enterprises increased 1 RMB/case,  Mainstream price of thin sheet glass is about 51-54 RMB/standard case and  thick sheet glass around 56-59/standard case.


Market of East China

Price of East China keeps falling and price of advanced glass can be negotiated by amount, the market appears chaotic slightly. Mainstream transaction price of 4-12mm auto float glass is 65-70 RMB/standard case.


Market of South China


Part of the manufacturers had a modest increase in price ,price of Taiwan Glass increased 1RMB/ standard case as a result of smooth shipment and of Kibing Group increased 2 RMB/ standard case according to low inventory. Craft enterprises of South China run stably with steady order.


Market of Central China


Shipment of Central China got better in some degree. Production and marketing of the manufacturers reach balance and P trading of the market performance generally. Mainstream factory price of Hunan, Hubei and Jiangxi Province is 58-65 RMB/standard case.


Market of Southwest, Northwest and Northeast China.


It’s said that customers with lot size can get preferential price that decrease 0.5 RMB/standard case, shipment of Chengdu enterprise is not so satisfied and mainstream price of float glass is 60 RMB/standard case.  Market of Northwest China shows steady operation with wait-and-see atmosphere.


Market of Upstream Raw Material 


Price of domestic soda ash market trend to go down with weak demand . Mainstream factory price of sodium bicarbonate is 1650-1700 RMB/ton. Most of the league alkali  manufacturers are close to the edge of the loss while downstream glass manufacturers show strong intention to force prices down owing to heavy losses.


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