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Xinyi Glass: Stop the Dongguan Solar Glass Production Line

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(China Glass Network) Recently, Xinyi Glass released last year’s annual report. The report said that the Dongguan solar glass production line had been stopped for the fluctuation of global capital market and bad influence of European debt crisis, waiting for the improvement of market. The production line can produce hundreds of tons daily.


Xinyi Glass is the biggest automobile glass exporter in China, mainly producing automobile, building, bulletproof and other safety glass, as well as mating products. One of its important production bases is located in Dongguan. The report revealed: “ Both of solar glass production lines in Dongguan and Wuhu has been shut down, with a total daily output of 800 tons. They are in the maintenance to wait for the improvement of market.”


Xinyi Glass explained that it was a result of fluctuation of global capital market and European debt crisis. The future development of global solar industry was still unclear until the fourth quarter of last year.


Xinyi Glass’s subsidiary Xinyi Solar also delayed its IPO plan. The chief executive DONG Qingshi said that the specific time was determined by market.


Solar glass production increased from the second and third quarter of last year. DONG Qingshi was confident that company would produce more solar glass this year than last year. Xinyi Glass was still optimistic about the demand of solar glass. “ During ‘Twelfth Five Years Plan’, China encourages to use renewable energy. It is expected that more solar energy systems will be set up to stimulate the demand of solar energy products.”

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