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Unevenness Market of Cement, Glass and Ceramic Industry of Guangdong in 2011

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(China Glass Network) Production, sales and economic benefits has showed trend of rapid growth in 2011 while market of cement, glass and ceramic industry appeared different operation

Movement influenced by factors of price of electricity, excess capacity, demandpull etc.


Reduction of cement output is rather serious under the influence of power brownouts, which directly leads dramatic decline in cement amount enters market of Guangdong. Situation of Guangdong cement market began to recover in the latter year with help of the weather and rising demand, price of cement in Guangdong became a new force suddenly rises among the whole country. It’s reported that price of cement in Guangdong has increased 20 RMB/ton in early August and total profit of cement enterprises of the province reached 2660 million RMB with a year-on-year growth of 74.2%.


As a result of influencing factors including capacity release, weak demand of commodity house and cars, price of flat glass keeps falling from the beginning of this year. In addition, cost increasing of raw materials and labor that stay in highest price of history almost engulfed profit margins of flat glass.


Due to the last year in “Eleventh-five Year Plan”, many ceramic enterprises were faced power cut and stop production so as to fulfill the energy conservation and emission reduction missions, therefore, the ceramic capacity wasn’t released in 2011. While along with the releasing capacity from the beginning of the year, the over capacity in building ceramic is becoming obvious and inventory increased in some enterprises. Influenced by the domestic housing policy and macro-economy, the domestic ceramic market is not optimistic, moreover, the increasing costs of chemical raw materials and labor force further reduces the profit of ceramic enterprises. On the part of Export market, EU Committee issued its anti-dumping duty of 26.3% -69.7% on Chinese ceramic enterprises; the duty will be ended in 2016 and is probably continued according to the reality. Currently Argentina, Peru have also launched anti-dumping investigation to Chinese Ceramics, it means we loose more foreign markets and will greatly reduce the profit of the domestic ceramic enterprises.

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