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Corning Introduces New Ultra-bendable Optical Fiber for Consumer Electronics

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Corning Incorporated (NYSE: GLW) today introduced ClearCurve® VSDN® optical fiber, the newest innovation in the ClearCurve® family of bend-insensitive fibers. This fiber is uniquely designed to support emerging high-speed interconnects between computers and other consumer electronics devices.


“We are thrilled to introduce optical connectivity into the consumer electronics market,” said Barry Linchuck, division vice president and director, Worldwide Marketing, Corning Optical Fiber. “In addition to the consumer advantage of higher connection speeds, device makers will benefit from lighter, more robust connectivity with greater design flexibility, and thus lower cost solutions.” 


With its rugged design, ClearCurve VSDN optical fiber has the ability to handle intermittent bends down to 1.5 mm in radius, while exhibiting ultra-low bending loss and superior mechanical reliability. Unlike fibers for telecommunications, ClearCurve VSDN optical fiber has a larger core size and higher numerical aperture, enabling lower-cost connectivity – essential for consumer applications – while exceeding the bandwidth needs of consumer electronics applications above 10 Gb/s.


About Corning Incorporated
Corning Incorporated (www.corning.com) is the world leader in specialty glass and ceramics. Drawing on more than 160 years of materials science and process engineering knowledge, Corning creates and makes keystone components that enable high-technology systems for consumer electronics, mobile emissions control, telecommunications and life sciences. Our products include glass substrates for LCD televisions, computer monitors and laptops; ceramic substrates and filters for mobile emission control systems; optical fiber, cable, hardware & equipment for telecommunications networks; optical biosensors for drug discovery; and other advanced optics and specialty glass solutions for a number of industries including semiconductor, aerospace, defense, astronomy, and metrology.

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