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Glass fall prompts safety questions

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The construction union has raised questions about safety at the ASIO building site after glass panels fell from the entrance section.


The CFMEU has accused the building company Lend Lease of not doing enough to ensure the safety of workers at the Canberra building site.


About a week ago, up to 24 glass panels cracked and fell from above the main entrance to the building, smashing to the ground.


The builders had noticed problems with the glass and evacuated the area before the incident.


No one was injured but the CFMEU says it wasn't told of the incident for days.


Secretary Dean Hall, says the spy agency and Lend Lease must put the safety of workers above security at the site.


"I think when we have major incidents like this people should all have a reflect on what's been happening," Mr Hall said.


"I think we need to sit at the table and ensure that from now on safety is the number one priority on the project."


Source: USGNNAuthor: shangyi

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