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Glass Insulator’s Role and Advantages

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(China Glass Network) The insulator is usually made of glass or ceramic. And it is often used for telegraph pole. With the development of science and technology, it is used in high-tension bus-bar connection tower to increase the creepage distance now.


The insulator is one kind of insulation controls. It plays an important role in overhead transmission lines, supporting wire and preventing current coming back to earth. The insulator shall ensure various mechanical stress remain unchanged when the environment and the electric load conditions change. Otherwise, it will lose due effect. Instead, it will damage service life of the whole line.


Compared with porcelain insulator, glass insulator has the following advantages: With strong mechanical strength, tempered glass insulator’s surface doesn’t seam easily. It is easy to find tiny cracks and internal defects for transparency of glass when shape examination. Electrical and mechanical properties of tempered glass are much higher than that of porcelain. So same insulator made of glass is much smaller and lighter than that of porcelain. Now the manufacturing process of glass insulator can achieve completed automation and mechanization, eliminating production personnel’s human impact on insulator performance. In addition, the investment of glass insulator manufacturing factories is much less than that of porcelain insulator plants. Therefore, the price of glass insulator is much lower than that of porcelain insulator.

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