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Construction of Affordable Housing Projects should be Continued

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(China Glass Network) The Fifth Conference of the Eleventh NPC was opened recently in the Great Hall of the People, housing issue is the focus. Wen Jiabao, the premier said in the government conference report that we continue to push forward the affordable housing projects, and also perfect the systems of affordable housing construction, division, management and so on.

Affordable housing greatly improves the housing conditions of the people in straitened circumstances, since 2011, the public rental room has become the main force of affordable housing. The affordable housing can improve the people’s livelihood and increase force to the housing reform policy as well as to promote the national economy development.

The Property reform isn’t easy, which attract much concern. Under the strictest housing policy, the high increasing price has been restricted. Constructing affordable housings can speed up the urbanization, it solves the housing problem to the common people, therefore, constructing more affordable housings is the best joint to improve people’s livelihood as well as to promote the economy development.

It should be fair to divide the affordable housing. The representatives expressed to clear the security target, and by restricting auditing to rationally divide and manage the affordable housing, severe punish system should be also made.

Cai Ling, the committee member suggested establishing policy housing financial system accord with the country’s condition; it could try in some cities. It can be focus on reserved funds reform and perfecting deposit and loan interest rate policy of reserved funds, enlarging its extraction and application, improving the pay capacity of group consumption.

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