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Ice Carving Glass Market Expands Gradually for Simple Production

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(China Glass Network) Ice carving glass expands its market gradually. Ice carving glass, applying sculpture drawing, presents various stereo and exquisite pattern through chemical reactions. Ice carving glass is the extension of deep-etched pattern glass. But ice carving glass is more stereo than deep-etched pattern glass. Ice carving glass has the following characteristics: low investment, quick effect, great market reaction etc.


Production Requirements:


1. Ice Carving Pool: The size of pool is decided by glass size. PVC panel is used as the frame of bottom and four sides. The lid is made of board and plastic film. Because hydrofluoric acid and sulfuric acid are volatile, the joint between lid and frame shall be sealed.


2. Production Personnel: Because the ice carving glass is completely produced by people using acid to corrode the surface of glass, the production process is very dangerous. And the plant shall equip with alkaline for emergency. Hydrofluoric acid is toxic and corrosive, the operating staff shall wear protective clothing, protective boots, gloves, mask.


3. Production Efficiency: 1-2 people can produce 20-30 square meters every day.


Formula of Ice Caving Liquid:


The Depth and effect of corrosion depend on acid strength and temperature, glass quality, soaking time. The soaking method shall be adjusted according to different situations. In general, the liquid is consisted of 12% sulfuric acid, 36% hydrofluoric acid, 52 % water.


Production Process:


1.Glass Cleaning: Because a certain mineral may exist in the surface, the glass shall be cleaned before soaking. It will make glass more crystal and clear. At the same time, it also can improve the service life of ice carving liquid.


2. Glass Soaking: Except the patterned part, the other part shall be pasted with protective film. The soaking time is determined by the desired effect. Usually, the longer soaking time, the more intense corrosion effect. And indoor temperature of 35 degrees is the best reaction temperature.

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