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The First Seawater Producing Soda Project Succeed

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(China Glass Network) Tangshan Sanyou Group announced that it successfully produced soda with waste seawater from the desalination of sea water in Mar.15. The project was started to operate on Jan.31. And it was Chinese first project that comprehensively utilized dense seawater. It was reported that the device’s process indicators were stabilized. And refined salt water quality was normal. The facility can use seawater of 1090 cubic meters per hour. One ton of soda can reduce consumption of crude salt 236kg.


After operation, the project released the full cyclic utilization of salt and water, reduced the cost of soda production, and further extended the seawater desalination industrial chains.


In recent years, our country strived to develop seawater desalination project to solve the industrial water problems. But waste seawater discharge blocked the further development of seawater desalination industry. As a domestic leading soda and chemical fiber manufacturer, Sanyou committed itself to seeking for more ways to utilize resources. After several subject discussions, Sanyou focused on waste seawater from seawater desalination.


Sanyou began research on this project since 2006. It also established special group to do research on comprehensive utilization of seawater. After thousands of experiments, technical personnel successfully developed new technology for soda production with seawater.


The project formally began on Jan.8, 2011. After one year’s project construction and equipment debugging, it formally operated on Jan.31, 2012. This project has been listed in the national key industry development and technical reform budget investment plan.

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