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Summit Forum about Safety and Energy Efficient of Building Glass

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(China Glass Network) Summit Forum about Safety and Energy Efficient of Building Glass hosted by Sichuan Construction Science and Technology Development Center and undertook by CSG Glass(Chengdu) was held on March 14, 2012 in Chengdu City.


Officials from Sichuan Housing Construction Hall and Sichuan Institute of Construction were invited to attend the forum as keynote speakers. Theme of the summit forum is the current situation and development trend of energy-saving glass and how to promote the industry to develop in the way of “More safety, more energy efficient and more popular.”


“More safety, more energy saving and greener” is the appeal that spreads in all walks of life issued by “The 12th Five-year Plan”. As a high consumption material of the building industry, the safety and energy efficient will influence the whole society and plays an important role in energy conservation.


Xu Wuyi, the expert of China Architectural Glass and Industrial Glass Association said on an interview that double silver glass wall used in the new public buildings achieved 30% to 40%, which was almost two times as 20% in 2010. China has become a large glass wall production country, there are 70 million Square meter glass wall produced every year, which accounted for 75% of the world’s outputs.


Recently smashing of glass curtain walls that cause damages have raised attention of the industry. Low-e glass is the best choice for glass curtain wall with combines safety and energy-saving together. Energy-saving building glass mainly includes heat-reflective coated glass, hollow glass and low radiation (low-e) glass etc.The heat-reflective coated glass can reflect heat radiation to satisfy some changes of seasons. It can insulate or absorb heat in different seasons, but low transmission. Hollow glass has been gradually applied in new high-grade residences for excellent heat and sound insulation. At present, its high price mostly restricts development. Low-e glass has good energy-saving effect through reducing radiation. Moreover, low-e glass not only keeps good daylighting, but also avoids light pollution phenomenon. Low-e glass will become the focus of development of energy-saving building glass.

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