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The First Domestic 3 E CARE Active Glass Cleaner Appear on the Market

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(China Glass Network) As the largest private oil enterprise in China, Jiangsu LOPAL Petrochemical Co., Ltd officially announced that its 3E CARE Active Glass Cleaner would be commercialized on Mar.15. It is the first domestic active glass cleaner which has the function of deep maintenance. The experts thought that it would inject new vitality to domestic automobile maintenance products market.


The glass cleaner is used to clean windscreen, with characteristics of clean, mist-proof, antistatic, lubrication and so on. In the rain, fog and other bad weather, the transparency of windscreen becomes poor. But the glass cleaner will present a clear field of vision. So it is very important for drivers.


At present, the quality of glass cleaner in domestic market is irregular. Many products have poor effect of decontamination, seriously influencing the drivers’ sight.


Part of the inferior glass cleaners also contain harmful material, such as formaldehyde. Once formaldehyde comes into driving indoor, it will cause harm to human. Therefore, we shall choose high quality and top grade glass cleaner for windscreen.


As a leading enterprise of glass cleaner products in China, LOPAL developed “ LAC Clean” glass cleaner, which was exported to United Nations Peacekeeping Force.


The 3E CARE Glass Cleaner is upgraded on the basis of “ LAC Clean” glass cleaner. 3E CARE Glass Cleaner is added with special active ingredient, which can effectively remove oil film, dust, shellac and other obstinate stains. In addition, it can form unique protective film on the glass surface to play the role of lubrication and production.


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