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Will Double-skin Facades be Available in the City?

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(China Glass Network)The use of double-skin façades has gained a lot of popularity throughout the world in recent years, due to characteristics such as durability, ecology, easy circulation of fresh-air, use of natural resources.


As indicated by the term "double-skin" such a façade is intended to mean a system in which two "skins" - two layers of glass - are separated by a significant amount of air space, that is to say, a second glass façade is placed in front of the first. These two sheets of glass act as an insulation between the outside and inside enabling the air to circulate between the cavity of the two facades skin providing good air circulation, thermal and accoustic performance, etc. The type of double-skin façade then determines the type of air circulation. Of course, the most interesting systems are those designed in such a way that in addition to permitting natural air circulation, they also use solar energy, converting it into electrical energy.


The following are advantages of double-skin façades.

It’s natural ventilation and better improves noise protection, it can reduce heating energy requirements and exploit solar power.


 However, the application of double-skin facades is still to be discussed and the adding cost of the building is another problem that the owner must be face with.

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