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Dyesol Technology Drives Large Panel Development

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Dyesol Inc., a Delaware Corporation and wholly owned subsidiary of Dyesol Ltd. (asx:DYE)(otcqx:DYSOY), and key shareholder in Toledo startup DyeTec Solar, today announced that the team has overcome challenges associated with assembly of large glass-based Dye Sensitized Solar Cell (DSC) panels for Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) applications. The resulting prototype panels exceed 1.20 meters by 60 centimeters in size and represent the largest continuous substrate, single circuit series-connected DSC device made to-date. The size was limited only by available prototyping equipment and utilized shareholders Transparent Conduction Oxide (TCO) glass and DSC materials.


“These proof of concept (POC) panels were the by-product of two world class teams focusing on identifying and solving key manufacturing process and equipment challenges associated with assembling very large DSC laminated glass panels,” commented Marc Thomas, chief executive officer and president of Dyesol Inc. “More importantly, these developments confirm that future products can be produced in relatively ‘low tech’ manufacturing environments, compared to the typical clean room environments often associated with next generation solar technologies. We expect to see this lead to reduced overall production costs down the line.”


Richard Caldwell, executive chairman of Dyesol Ltd. added, "Since the BIPV market for glass is expected to reach $6.4 billion (USD) in revenues in 2016, according to NanoMarkets, this opportunity represents considerable demand for both DyeTec products and shareholder materials. Glass-based BIPV is where technological progress and energy policy merge for use in high rise and urban environments -- enabling buildings to become energy self-sufficient and energy-secure. We look forward to taking the next important step towards commercialization with the scale-up of activity in Ohio.”


Mr. Thomas further stated, “These early achievements in manufacturability and performance demonstrate the synergy of bringing together two global leaders with deep expertise in their core businesses, Ohio State Third Frontier funding, and most importantly, Dyesol’s exceptionally talented and dedicated technical team under entrepreneurial leadership. Although there still remains significant work prior to commercial deployment, we are making significant strides to propel glass-based DSC commercial deployment forward.”


DyeTec Solar Inc. - DyeTec Solar is an Ohio company whose technology is designed to utilize optimized Transparent Conductive Oxide (TCO) glass and Dye Solar Cell (DSC) materials and enables downstream suppliers in the glass market to mass produce high performing DSC -- TCO glass based products for use in BIPV and AIPV environments. Initial DyeTec efforts will result in the development of prototype DSC based BIPV glass panels and related equipment sets, laying the foundation for future volume manufacturing capability.

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