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Recycle of Waste Auto Glass

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(China Glass Network) The waste auto glass is mainly from lamp, mirror and cab. The glass is easily made into afterproduct. So we can use it to produce various bottles or other glass products. Besides traditional glass, now auto glass includes laminated glass with high strength. The laminated glass is added high polymer between two pieces of common glass to enhance the safety. The method of recycle is to heat laminated glass to soften polymer firstly, then separate glass and polymer to recycle respectively.


It was reported that the glass also could used in brick manufacturing industry. Because glass can replace quartz sand, polymer can replace sawdust, pulp or other flammable materials. It can achieve the effect of heat insulation through forming cavity on brick. And experiments proved that appropriate amount of glass and polymer can reduce energy consumption in the process of production, improve the microstructure of brick, lessen the density of brick, enhance strength. It can improve the properties of brick finally.


In general, the recycle of auto glass is hard actually. It often is completed by hand, increasing the cost. Moreover, impurities easily come into recycling materials. It not only increases the difficulty of the recycle, but also influences the effect of reuse. In addition, the existing facilities are hard to complete the recycle.

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