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Glass Reaction Kettle Possesses Dual Characteristics

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(China Glass Network) Spray high silicon glaze on the surface of metal, roast the object under 900 , then the glaze attaches to metal, finally glass reaction kettle is formed. Therefore, the glass reaction kettle has the characteristics of stability and high strength.


Glass reaction kettle is widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, dye, pesticide, organic synthesis, food and national defense industries. And it is used to chlorinate, react, evaporate, concentrate, polymerize, saponify, synthetize, sulfonate, nitrify etc. It can instead of stainless steel and non-ferrous metals equipment. Glass reaction kettle has the following characteristics:


1. Corrosion-proof: It is corrosion-proof to organic acid, inorganic acid, solvent, weak base and other medium. But it doesn’t resist again hydrofluoric acid, alkali, medium containing fluorinion, phosphoric acid with temperature of more than 180 and density of above 30%.



2. Impact Resistance: Mechanical impact resistance index of glass reaction kettle is 220-10-3 J. But we shall try to avoid the impact of hard object when using.


3. Insulation: The surface of glass reaction kettle is strictly inspected under the  20 KV high voltage. And it has high insulation.


4. Temperature Endurance: It can endures cold shock 110℃ and thermal shock120.

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