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GlassTileStore.com Introduces New Stock of Budget-Friendly Glass Bathroom Tiles to Homeowners

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GlassTileStore, a Brooklyn-based tile retailer who ships nationwide, just announced its latest series of expansions to its bathroom mosaic tile inventory, as well as its customer service policies. Included in the selection of new designs is a wide variety of mosaic and glass bathroom tiles that are at once chic, economical, and durable. Now available at http://www.GlassTileStore.com, the addition of these fresh, modern products is also complemented by new consumer-friendly policies, ranging from free shipping to a flexible return window.

“We’re pleased to announce a further expansion to our inventory of discount glass tile, and, in light of the new additions to our product line, we were also eager to re-address several of our customer service policies. Our clientele can now place tile orders of any size – ranging from product samples to very large shipments – without paying any shipping fees. We also provide low-cost samples of all of our products, so renovators deciding between a few different styles, whether they’re in need of kitchen or bathroom mosaic tile, have the opportunity to see their products of choice in person before committing to a larger purchase. For maximum flexibility, we are also now offering a full 365-day return window on our inventory of discount glass tile, so our customers always feel at ease when they place an order with us,” said Eli Mechlovitz, the founder of the kitchen glass tile company.

One of the more striking designs from the recently enhanced collection of bathroom mosaic tile is the Multicolored Flat Finish Marble Mosaic Tile, now available for only $8.99 per square foot. An appealing blend of an outdoorsy, natural look with a contemporary twist, the tile is composed of a single layer of smooth, varicolored marble pebbles. An attractive flooring option in a mudroom or entryway, Glass Tile Store’s Multicolored Marble Mosaic Tile would also work well as kitchen backsplash tile, as well as in shower or bathroom areas.

Another product from Glass Tile Store’s enhanced cobblestone bathroom mosaic tile collection offers consumers a dramatic, three-dimensional version of the style. The Beige 3D Stacked Marble Mosaic Tile, unlike the Multicolored Marble Mosaic Tile, features a tightly knit layer of stones that stand up instead of lying flat in a single layer. Composed of varyingly sized, polished pebbles supported by fiberglass mesh backing, the mosaic tile backsplash offers a look that’s at once elegant while also reminiscent of the outdoors. Now available for $19.05 per square foot sheet, the Beige 3D Stacked Marble Mosaic Tile is ideal for kitchen backsplash design ideas, as well as bathroom and fireplace installation.

In addition to its wide range of stone bathroom mosaic tile, Glass Tile Store is also promoting new items from its glass mosaic tile collection. One recently discounted product is the Alloy Deco Timberland glass mosaic tile, now reduced 24% off the list price to only $15.99 per square foot. Composed of small, square mosaic chips of various materials, including polished and frosted glass as well as glazed stone, the tile incorporates a mixture of iridescent shades coupled with more neutral hues: alongside deep aqua blue, shimmering silver and orange-flecked violet, the tile is tempered by rich, chocolate brown and cream shades. With its youthful and bohemian sensibility, the Alloy Deco Timberland tile would be an especially appealing addition to any kitchen backsplash area.

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