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Mygrant Glass Testing Use of RFID for Auto Glass Deliveries

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Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology is being tested at auto glass wholesaler Mygrant Glass. The company is currently using the scanning technology to track glass from creation to installation. 

“Every piece of inventory has an RFID tag on it,” says Daniel Parkinson, IT director for Mygrant Glass. “As it leaves the building the glass gets scanned. Then as it gets delivered it gets scanned and updates an iPad that confirms that it was delivered to a certain customer at a certain time.”

The technology would allow Mygrant to track the glass as well as saving money and time for the company. Mygrant would be able to scan glass and see when it was purchased, how much the customer paid for it and when it was delivered. 

“If we have problems with the glass we can determine where it came from and if a customer returns it later [the RFID] can tell us how much they paid for it and when,” says Parkinson. “It also cuts down on huge paper costs and time handling the paper, storage and retrieval.” 

The program testing will conclude in mid-April and Mygrant expects to roll out the technology regionally with plans to have the technology nationwide by the end of 2012. 


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