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Wall Coatings can Reduce Light Pollution

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(China Glass Network) In the strong sunshine, building glass curtain wall, glaze wall and polished marble can reflect obvious white light. Momentary hard light may make people feel dizzy, seriously damaging to the visual function of pedestrian and drivers. This is light pollution. In the daily life, the common light pollution is caused by reflection of mirror plane buildings.


With the acceleration of urbanization, lots of high buildings and large mansions are constructed. Many buildings apply glass and mirror plane ornament to enhance the appearance and facilitate clean. However, light pollution is mostly from glass curtain wall. And it does great harm to people. Because glass curtain wall has strong spotlight and reflection effect. The dazzling light beam is enough to break the photoreceptor cells in the retina. Then it affects people's vision, makes bad effect on human and zoology.


However, it lacks methods to treat light pollution in the environmental protection laws and regulations. Therefore, some analysts thought that it can increase wall paint and decrease curtain wall to reduce light pollution. Choosing architectural coatings to instead of glass curtain wall and ceramic tile, it can decrease white light pollution.

Source: glassinchinaAuthor: shangyi

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