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Market Analysis of Water-based Coating

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(China Glass Network) Water-based coating has attracted more and more concerns, and also mass financial resources and labor power put into R&D water-based coating products, which try to replace the place of oil paint on the market. But why does water-based coating so popular? The following are  reasons of it.


The first is that water-based coating could reduce the production cost of coating enterprises. The normal coating need mass organic solvent in the course of production, while petroleum price is rising in recent years as well as other increasing raw materials, further shrinks the profits of coating enterprises. Therefore, using water to replace solvent surely reduce much recourses.


The second advantage of water-based coating is that it improves the security of production and construction. As we all know, the traditional solvent based coatings are always added mass organic compound in production, such as: styrene, perchloroethylene, triclene and so on. While all these solvents are easily to volatilize and explode when there is open fire, so it is very dangerous no matter in production or in construction. Therefore, it is safe to using water instead of various solvent.


The third is that water-based coating is eco-friendly. The traditional coating will volatilize much VOC when in production and construction, which do much pollution to the environment. While the water-based coating can reduce the VOC emission greatly, this is good to environment.


In the view of physical chemistry performance of film, water-based coating film is well-distributed and smooth, there is coating in lumen, weld joint and edges which has good property of protection.


Source: glassinchinaAuthor: shangyi

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