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The Automotive Resource Network Holdings Announced Today They Are Launching A Trend Setting Product in the Nano Technology Industry

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The Automotive Resource Network Holdings announced today that they are launching a NEW product that will catapult the company into the world of Nano Technology.


This revolutionary product, which is expected to be available for purchase by June 1, 2012 under the label "WynShield Pro", is a space-age (nano-technology) clear liquid designed to keep glass cleaner, stronger, clearer and hydrophobic. WynShield Pro bonds with the glass surface to help prevent bugs, rain, ice, dirt, and other debris from sticking, significantly lessening the time and costs associated with cleaning and maintaining the glass. It does this by filling and bonding the pits found in glass compositions at a molecular level, which both strengthens the glass and reduces the distortion caused by microscopic pitting. These results are well documented in numerous studies including one conducted at the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute that demonstrated that this nano technology improves visibility up to 34% and increases driver reaction time by up to 24%.


The company's initial marketing efforts will focus on the automotive industry, where WynShield has enormous potential as an application to car windows, particularly windshields. However, the technology and product are equally effective with many other glass and glass-like surfaces as well, and TheARN intends to exploit these additional markets in the near future. WynShield Pro can be used on vehicle windshields, all vehicle windows, home windows, any glass doors, shower doors, mirrors, commercial and industrial glass windows, and any other glass products that tend to be porous in composition.


Upon the launching of WynShield Pro, The ARN will become the sole provider of the product, and based on current marketing research the company believes that it is the only Network Marketing and DRTV (infomercial) based company to market any automotive nanotechnology directly to consumers on a broad scale.


CEO Kathy Roberton commented, "Nanotechnology is very hot right now and TheARN is well positioned to capitalize on that. This emerging science has the potential to revolutionize our lives by making many of the products, devices and machines that we use on a daily basis better, safer and less costly. This is one of the most amazing products I have seen hit our industry in years. WynShield Pro is one of those products that when you hear about it you say to yourself "Of course! Why would I not want that?"


According to the National Nanotechnology Initiative, a regulatory group that oversees federal efforts to nurture the field, "Worldwide revenues for nanotechnology increased from $30 million in 2001 to more than $10 billion in 2004 and they are projecting that the technology will contribute $1 trillion to the U.S. economy by 2015".


Ms. Roberton further added, "From a marketing perspective, WynShield Pro is an ideal product. It is a highly effective and versatile product that is packed with consumer value with price points and margins that are highly conducive to both network marketing and infomercial sales environments. It is also highly visual, has sex appeal, and creates fantastic enthusiasm and adoption when demonstrated. Its applications are many and the easy-wipe cleaner and spray on nanotechnology solution make application a breeze. We anticipate that the addition of WynShield Pro to our product line will both increase immediate sales revenue and provide our representatives with a great lead-in for our service contracts."


Source: www.marketwatch.comAuthor: shangyi

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