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SCHOTT PERFORM MONO 260 gets the ball rolling on the product offensive at SCHOTT Solar

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It'll be available as of May: the new high-performance module SCHOTT PERFORM MONO from SCHOTT Solar. The high-quality German manufacturer will be launching its latest development in two performance classes of up to 260 W peak to start with. And they are really worth taking a closer look at in terms of both their performance and design: with a high module efficiency rate of 15.9 percent, owners of private homes that have small roof surfaces will find this product particularly appealing. At the same time, it also meets high aesthetic demands thanks to its dark, closely arranged solar cells surrounded by a black frame. Depending on market demand, SCHOTT Solar also plans to introduce a version that features a black backsheet foil.

The high degree of expertise the German development team at SCHOTT Solar has and the company’s 54 years of experience definitely bear fruit in this new high-performance module. The company has made numerous improvements with the SCHOTT PERFORM MONO 260.

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New frame concept: stable despite lower weight

The newly developed hollow-chamber frame which SCHOTT Solar will be gradually introducing with most of its other types of modules is a good example. The anodized black aluminum frame that is only 35 millimeters high not only underscores the elegant look of the module, it also includes several great features. Its hollow-chamber profile means less material is used. This, in turn, reduces the weight of the module. In fact, it only weighs 19 kilograms. Furthermore, SCHOTT Solar has developed a special concept for the corners of the frame. These have been strongly reinforced and already feature a hole for use in grounding. Wide drainage systems ensure that rain and condensation water is able to drain off at all inclinations and angles.

Completely symmetrical design for flexible installation and an attractive appearance

The SCHOTT PERFORM MONO 260 is also quite striking in terms of its compact design. The cells are arranged more closely than in earlier developments. This is made possible by using new preformed connectors and better encapsulation material. The area between the cells and the frame has also been optimized and is now symmetrical on both sides. This layout enables these modules to be installed in virtually any direction and the holes for grounding are easily accessible from any position. The company plans to offer this module with a laminated black backsheet foil that will further support the attractive closed impression of the high-performance module in the future.

Put to the acid test – 25 years of linear performance guaranteed

The SCHOTT PERFORM MONO 260 is suited for snow load zone 3 and has been tested based on IEC 61215 and IEC 61730 for pressure and suction loads of 5,400 Pa. In addition, it has been subjected to the quality tests that SCHOTT Solar normally performs that are twice as rigid as the IEC calls for. Here, SCHOTT Solar is one of the few manufacturers that offers a linear performance guarantee of 25 years even in this high performance class. System owners can thus look forward to high electricity yields.

Market launch in Europe, additional performance classes of up to 280 W peak to follow

The new SCHOTT PERFORM MONO series will be available starting in May. The new module is also ideally suited for the Italian market because it easily meets the requirements there for a higher feed-in tariff. Higher performance classes of 265 and 270 W peak are expected to follow in the second half of the year.

The medium-term goal of SCHOTT Solar is to offer its SCHOTT PERFORM in performance classes of up to even 280 W peak. The new, industry-standard


·  Cell type: 60 156 x 156 mm monocrystalline cells

·  Front panel: low-iron 3.2 mm solar glass

·  Backside panel: layers of foil (white, black as an option)

·  Performance classes: 255 / 260 / 265 Wp

·  Module efficiency: 15.9 percent

·  mechanical stability: 5,400 N/m2 (Pressure)

·  Size: 1652 x 990 x 35 mm

·  Weight: 19 kg

·  Frame: 35 mm, black

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